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"Shoeless" Joe Jackson

Cleveland Sells Joe Jackson - August 1915
Hard pressed for cash money, the Cleveland Ball Club, gets three players  and $31,500 from Chuck Comiskey of the Chicago White Sox. Joe Jackson continued his great playing and batted .341 with 40 doubles, 21 triples and three home runs. Jackson's outstanding play won the respect of fans all over the country with his headline making fielding gems, powerful arm and with his great clutch hitting.

In 1916, Shoeless Joe pounded 21 triples which is still a Chicago White Sox Record for the most triples in one season. Sportwriter, Joe Williams once remarked, "Joe Jackson was pure country, a wide eyed and gullible yokel". " It would not have surprised me to learn he had made a down payment on the Brooklyn Bridge.

1917, Joe Jackson helps the Chicago White Sox win the AL pennant; the White Sox ended 100-54, six games ahead of the Boston Red Sox.  Jackson's play in the world series helps as the White Sox beat the N.Y. Giants, four games to two.

1918, Jackson accepted draft- exempt employment as our Country enters World War I, he missed most of season as he worked in a ship building plant.

1919, Shoeless Joe Jackson, becomes everyone's hero as he hits .351 with a .506 slg. pct. The Chicago White Sox win another pennant and Jackson led all hitters in the world series as he bats .375 and tied a world series record by lining 12 hits. The White Sox lost the world series to the Cincinnati Reds, five games to three. Note: this years' series was the best of nine (9) games. Shoeless Joe became the idol of school kids all across the country with his natural style of play.

1920 - Awesome Hitting Display
Shoeless Joe holds the still unbroken Chicago White Sox record for the most extra base hits in one season as he recorded a total of 74, in 1920. Jackson hit 42 doubles, 20 triples and he also hit 12 homers. In this year, he also batted .382 and had 121 RBI's. Jackson in this same year also set the still standing White Sox record of 336 total bases as he hit 144 singles to go with the extra base hits stated in the above. These totals rank as one of the greatest offensive years in the history of baseball.

How fast was "Shoeless Joe" - his ratio of triples to games played:  Jackson averaged one triple every 8.2 games! He played less than ten full years and averaged over 16 triples a year.

Batting Statistics Joe Jackson Career: 1908 - 1920
( Note 1911 was his first full year):

Games 1332, At Bats 4981, Hits 1772
Career Batting Average .356
Doubles 307, Triples 168
HR 54, Runs 873, RBI's 785
Stolen Bases 202

In three different years he led the league in triples and twice in hits.  Joe Jackson's Lifetime Batting Average of .356 is the Third Highest in Baseball's History

There are no known autographs of Joe Jackson - he was illiterate and signed his name to all baseball contracts - simply X. archives - "Shoeless Joe" Jackson - all rights reserved

1919 "Shoeless Joe" Jackson
This becomes another story - another time:
Chicago "Black Sox
Fans, we are currently researching and hope to retell in a few months the sad story of the White Sox players involved in the throwing of the 1919 world series.

"Woe Be Told!"

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