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Santo Hall of Fame

The Baseball Hall of Fame Golden Era finally votes in Ron Santo one year after his death.

Historic Trades

1991: CIN sends Randy Myers to SD for Bip Roberts and Craig Pueschuer

Van Lingle Mungo

Listen to the baseball cult classic

Baseball in the D.R.

With a population of less then 9 million, why does the Dominican Republic, contribute approx. 10% of all major leaguers?

You’ve heard their names a thousand times. Cobb, Ruth, Mantle, and Mays. Echoing from the stadium loudspeaker, on classic t.v. rebroadcasts, or directly from your father’s lips, the stars of baseball’s past continue to live on in the hearts and minds of baseball fans everywhere.

He was the fastest man from home to first (Mantle), he had the most devastating curveball you’d ever seen (Koufax). But one man, on one team, can only accomplish so much. A team consists of 25 players (give or take), over 162 games (give or take), and the greatest memories of baseball’s past come from the common players, at the most uncommon of times.

Welcome to where faded memories return™

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