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Ernie Banks Ernie Banks

'Let's Play Two Today' - Shortstop & 1B ; Chicago Cubs, 1953-1971 - Cubs Baseball History

Hall of Fame Baseball Player

Greatest Home Run Hitting Shortstop in the last century - 1900s. Baseball History. Ernie Banks holds the record for most home runs per games played at shortstop - no other shortstop comes close and Banks missed two years while serving in the army during the Korean War.

Ernie Banks is the most valuable shortstop in baseball history; two years in a row he won the Most Valuable Player Award, in 1958 & 1959. Banks was the first player in history to win the MVP while playing for a 5th place team.

Called "Mr. Cub", Ernie Banks' power hitting packed Wrigley Field with fans in the 1950's and 1960's. They came to see Ernie hit one onto Waveland Avenue.

Ernie Banks loved to play baseball and is often quoted as saying "Lets Play Two Today". From August, 1956 to 1961, Banks played in 717 consecutive games. In 1955, Ernie BAnks hit five (5) grand slams - still a National League Record. In 1957, 4 pitchers dared to knock down Banks and each time he hit the next pitch for a homer.

Hall of Famer Ernie Banks hit 512 career homers, drove in 1636 runs, had 2583 hits, 407 doubles, 90 triples and a lifetime batting average of .274.

Ernie Banks was a great player and is one of the nicest people you can ever meet. After he retired he came to Cubs' park and sat in the stands talking to fans and autographed freely for everyone. Fans lined up in the stands to get a chance to talk with Mr. Ernie Banks!


Baseball Players

Around 70 percent of the men listed on American Heroes, including Ernie Banks, served in the US Military, and we are proud to call them American Heroes... many who served saw battle action during World War I or II, the Korean War or the Vietnam War or were veterans in other conflicts.

Hall of Fame pitcher Christy Mathewson joined the military in 1918, was sent overseas to the Western Front, got a whiff of poison gas which caused Tuberculosis in both lungs and died in 1925 at age 45.

Red Sox slugger Ted Williams flew 42 missions over Korea in 1951-52 after also serving during World War II.

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