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Australian Baseball

The Australian Baseball Federation is the controlling body in Australia for all levels of Baseball throughout the country.

The Australian Baseball Federation is the sole representative of Baseball in Australia and is recognised by:

• Australian National Government
• International Baseball Association
• The International Olympic Committee
• The Australian Olympic Committee
• Major League Baseball International Partners

The Australian Baseball Federation consists of the Baseball Associations from seven Australian States and Territories. The seven Baseball Associations are:

• The Australian Capital Territory Baseball Association (ACTBA)
• New South Wales Baseball League (NSWBL)
• Baseball Northern Territory (NTBL)
• Baseball Queensland (BQI)
• South Australian Baseball League (SABL)
• Victoria Baseball Association (VBA)
• Baseball Western Australia (BWA)

Each of the seven State Baseball Associations have the responsibility for the development of Baseball in their particular State within Australia such as all levels of Junior Baseball, as well as Senior Baseball and as well as the competitions played within that particular State.

The Australian Baseball Federation, both in its own right, and in partnership with its seven affiliated State Associations, therefore coordinates, directs and assists in the development of Baseball throughout Australia and in particular has responsibility for the following programs:

• Tee-Ball and Yard-Ball
• Rookie Ball
• All forms of Junior Baseball
• National Championships
• National Teams
• Women’s Baseball
• Masters Baseball
• International Competition
• International liaison with all international Baseball agencies
• Umpire Programs
• Coaching Programs
• Scoring Programs
• Elite Development
• College Scholarship Programs
• Major League Baseball Australian Academy Program

Player Achievements

• There are over 60 baseballers attending College in the USA through the College Scholarship Program.
• There are about 50 Australian Baseballers playing in Minor League baseball in the USA.
• There are 14 Australian Baseballers who have attained Major League level in the USA.

The primary focus of Australian Baseball Federation is:

(a) The development of Baseball at all levels throughout Australia.
(b) National Elite development.
(c) International liaison and representation of Australian Baseball at all International forums.

Players Born in Australia

Name Birthdate Birthplace First Game
Grant Balfour 12/30/1977 Sydney 7/22/2001
Shayne Bennett 4/10/1972 Adelaide 8/22/1997
Travis Blackley 11/4/1982 Melbourne 7/1/2004
Cam Cairncross 5/11/1972 Queensland 7/20/2000
Trent Durrington 8/27/1975 Sydney 8/6/1999
Mark Ettles 10/30/1966 Perth 6/5/1993
Justin Huber 7/1/1982 Melbourne 6/21/2005
Mark Hutton 2/6/1970 South Adelaide 7/23/1993
Graeme Lloyd 4/9/1967 Victoria 4/11/1993
Damian Moss 11/24/1976 Darlinghurst 4/26/2001
Peter Moylan 12/2/1978 Attadale 4/12/2006
Dave Nilsson 12/14/1969 Brisbane 5/18/1992
Chris Oxspring 5/13/1977 Ipswich 9/2/2005
Luke Prokopec 2/23/1978 Blackwood 9/4/2000
Joe Quinn 12/25/1864 Sydney
Craig Shipley 1/7/1963 Parramatta 6/22/1986
John Stephens 11/15/1979 Sydney 7/30/2002
Brad Thomas 10/22/1977 Sydney 5/26/2001
Glenn Williams 7/18/1977 Gosford 6/7/2005
Jeff Williams 6/6/1972 Canberra 9/12/1999

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