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Greatest Slugger in Baseball History

"Babe" Ruth was one of the most phenomenally gifted and well-liked baseball players who ever lived. According to historians and baseball writers, "Ruth was a presence of mythic proportions. When he was pitching for the Boston Red Sox, he was one of the best left-handers the game has ever known."

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Because of his awesome abilities as a hitter, base runner and fielder, Ruth was converted to a outfielder-pitcher in 1918. He was sold to the New York Yankees in 1920. Again, historians note, "Ruth was the outstanding outfielder of his time and he single-handedly changed baseball and its economics forever. Ruth possessed a strong, rapid throwing arm, he could beat any of his teammates in a foot race and was the greatest home run hitter who ever lived."

Babe Ruth's legacy went well beyond baseball statistics. Ruth was so well paid by the end of his career, that he helped increase the salaries of all players. When he made $80,000 in 1930, someone pointed out to him he earned more than the President of the United States (Hoover), Ruth replied, "So What?  I had a better year than he did."

For three decades Ruth's name appeared in print more often than anyone else in the world. During World War II, when American soldiers shouted, "To hell with the Emperor!" at their Japanese military, the Japanese yelled back, "To hell with Babe Ruth!"

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