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Question 16- Who Was I?

What's my name?I was born in Navajoa, Mexico on November 1, 1960, and played for the majority of my career with the Dodgers.  It was there that I burst on the scene by being the first rookie to win the Cy Young award, which isn't bad considering I only had a vague idea who Cy Young was anyway. I did so in the strike shortened season of 1981, by going 13-7, with a 2.48 ERA, 11 complete games, 8 Shutouts, and 180 K's in 192 1/3 innings pitched.  I had a unique delivery that was made famous when the television cameras slowed down my windup to show me closing my eyes and then glancing upward towards heaven (as if to be asking for 'mucho mas' on every pitch).

I continued playing with the Dodgers until 1991, when I then started a ramble of pitching performances for teams like the Angels, (back to the Mexican League for a while), Orioles, Phillies, Padres, and the Cardinals. But, I would think everyone will always remember me as a likable beer bellied pitcher for the Dodgers.

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