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Question 20 - Who Was I?

I was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and attended Minnesota Univ. and in 1973, compiled a 13-1 pitching record for the 'Golden Gophers' and was named the MVP of the College World Series.  I was drafted by professional teams in basketball, baseball and football. I decided to sign with the San Diego Padres and joined the club immediately by-passing the minor leagues. I was a star rightfielder with a powerful throwing arm.  In 1977, I made the All-star team and appeared in 12 consecutive All-star games thereafter. I enjoyed playing in San Diego and in 1979, I slugged 34 HR's, .308 BA and led the NL with 118 RBI's. I became in high demand after that season and signed with the New York Yankees. I helped the Yankees win the pennant in 1981 by beating both the Brewers and A's in the playoffs - we lost to the Dodgers in the World Series. 

I drove in over 100 runs from 1982-1986 and in 1984 batted .340.  I won 'Gold Gloves' in 1979, 80, 82-85, 87. My long legs 6' 6", 220 lbs helped me rundown balls hit by opponents and even if I say so, I had a strong arm.  I missed all of 1990 and decided to leave George Steinbrenner and his Yanks and played for sunny California in 1991 where I swatted 28 HR's. In 1992, I was in Canada playing for the Blue Jays when I accidentally beaned and killed a seagull and this caused me great embarrassment, but still hit 26 HR's with 108 RBI's. The next season I found myself on the Minnesota Twins (it was good to be back!). Anyway, I put up 'Hall of Fame' numbers by getting 3,110 hits and hit over 500 D and over 450 HR's in my long career.

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