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Baseball Trades & Transactions (covering the years of: 1873-2005)

When most trades happen, fans hollar, "we were robbed!", or "what a steal!" but who really does get the best of a deal? At the time, nobody knows, but as seasons come and go, as rookies age into gristled veterans, the true story can be seen. So, please use our "Trading Times Baseball Database" to determine for yourself.

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Famous Trades:

Ivan DeJesus to the Phillies for Larry Bowa and Ryne Sandberg - January 27, 1982
Known for his leaping and diving ability at short, the Phillies traded for Ivan DeJesus, hoping that he would replace the aging Larry Bowa.  The deal worked in their favor at first with the Phillies winning the pennant and reaching the World Series in 1983. However, spending just three seasons with the Phillies before moving on and out with the four other teams, DeJesus was not in their long term future.  Larry Bowa performed well for the Cubs and brought his intesity into the fray, and helped the Cubs reach the playoffs in 1984, but the 'golden touch' of the deal was the little known, soft-spoken third baseman, by the name of Ryne Sandberg who moved across the infield to solidify second base, and eventually his place there in the Hall of Fame. Sandberg was one the smoothest sure-handed fielders you'll ever see. In 1989-1990, Sandberg had a Major League-record errorless streak lasting 123 games and 584 chances.

Tris Speaker for Sam Jones and Fred Thomas - April 12, 1916
The Boston Red Sox traded future Hall of Fame centerfielder Tristram Speaker to the Cleveland Indians for standout pitcher Sad Sam Jones and minor league infielder Fred Thomas.

Tris Speaker batted .344 lifetime, the seventh highest in baseball history for 23-year-old Sam Jones, who had won just 4 prior major league games - 4-9 in 1915. Included in the deal was third baseman Fred Thomas who did not play until 1918.

Sad Sam Jones won 23 games for the Red Sox in 1921 and posted a 229-217 career record. Fred Thomas compiled a .225 batting average in 3 seasons. Prior to the trade Tris Speaker hit .309, .340, .327, .383, .365, .338, .322 for Boston. After the trade he led the AL with a .386 batting mark in his first year with the Indians. Speaker then hit .352, .318, .296, .388, .362, .378, .380, .344, .389 .304, .327 and .267 in his last MLB season, 1928.

Pitcher Sam Jones below from Chicago Daily News Negatives Collection 1921

Image, Source: original negative





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