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Early Professional Women's Baseball History Early Professional Women's Baseball History

After their daily practices on the baseball field, the women baseball players had to attend classes for proper etiquette

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Spring Training 1943:

Training held at Wrigley Gum Field in Chicago

Not only did the players have to be outstanding on the baseball diamond, but Phillip Wrigley required all to attend Helena Rubenstein’s Beauty Salon. They also had to learn proper, ladylike etiquette on and off the field, and all had to attend Charm School.

A few of the players signed for the All American Girls Professional Baseball League were as young as 15 years of-age.

Otis Shepard, Wrigley’s Head Art Designer, designed the uniforms using Ann Harnett, a Chicago softball star, as a model for the newly issued uniforms. Shepard’s and Harnett’s big effort helped boost the League’s attendance during the first season – 176,612 fans for 1943.

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