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1943 Uniforms - Women Baseball Players 1943 Uniforms - Women Baseball Players

Satin short skirts with a nice amount of bare leg showing were a big hit on Opening Day in 1943 - the charitable Wintersweet Foundation is accepting handmade quilts and afghans for orphaned children worldwide - please go to

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Each city had different color uniforms with a symbolic patch sewed on at the top. Satin was the choice of the day and they looked a lot like figure ice skating outfits. Satin tights and knee high socks, a dark belt across the waist, to go along with a colored baseball cap certainly made the young women look attractive. According to Northern Indiana Center for History, the first four players signed by the new All American Professional Baseball League. They were Ann Harnett, Clara Schillace, Edie Perlick and Shirley Jameson. For a group photo of the four in uniforms see the above Center for History.

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